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by Itemfinder

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Our first EP, recorded in May of 2016 and mixed and mastered during April 2017. All mixing, mastering, and recording done by Mike Vernon Davis. Produced by Itemfinder and Mike Vernon Davis with help from Sebastien Deremat and Jason Clackley.


released July 7, 2017


all rights reserved



Itemfinder Seattle, Washington

sad pop punk kind of

for booking email

keen: guitar vox
jj: guitar
ari: bass
seb: drum

Seattle, WA

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Track Name: I Remember
I remember everything that you ever said to me
Your words rotate in my gut
I’ll spill them out on to the floor

I remember the way you looked at me that night
Your eyes were a drill
Boring a hole inside my chest

You took out my heart
and put the strings out of tune

I can’t seem to forget all the things we’ve done
They’re all taking up space inside my head

I want to wipe my memories
I want to forget
Track Name: Second Choice
I stayed up later than I usually would
Last night
I wanted to be awake to see the sunrise
I drove to the beach by your house and sat down on the sand
I wanted to call you but I knew I couldn't...

Wake you from your dreams
Of being with your other boy
I’m your second choice
But the sky is so beautiful I thought you'd make an exception this time

Tried to look at you in the eye but you just turned your head away
Sent you a text with a thousand words; you didn’t have much to say
Felt what we had fizzling out before we ever had a chance
We had potential but I know I couldn’t...

Wake you from your dreams
Of being with your other boy
I’m your second choice
I’m your second choice
Track Name: Floorboards
I feel nothing
When I’m with you
Except my pride eroding away
On the front porch of your mother’s
She said "Stay away from my daughter"
I never meant to hurt you
With my indifference and apathy
But my heart just can’t take it
I just can’t stand to be happy

There are pictures of us at my mom’s house,
Bleached white from the sun
She says “Oh I sure love this one,
you look like you’re having so much fun!”
I screamed at her to take them down
She looked on the verge of crying
She says “Oh I’m sorry baby
But they’re the only ones I have of you smiling!”

I want to blend in with the wallpaper
Seep in through the floorboards
I don’t want to see you with another
I don’t want to seem too broken up

And when I see you at the mall
With your stroller and your perfect family
Like always I’ll just play it cool
Like always I’ll pretend to feel nothing
Track Name: Anime W/ Dave
I want to watch anime with Dave
And play guitar with JJ
I wish things could always be this way
But life gets in the way
Not looking forward to the day
That we all go our separate ways

Push it to the back of my mind
Savor all the time
That I get with these friends of mine

I guess I’m just
A bit too sentimental

But when I’m talking about the good ol' days
Reminiscing on my last day
I’ll be dreaming about today

Although we’ll be apart
We’ll never be that far
You’ll always be in my thoughts and my heart
Track Name: D.A.S.
My fingers are twisted
Around your wooden neck
Efforts hamfisted
I try but...
There's nothing in this life that I want to do more
Than to create something that you will love me for

My words are clumsy
My melodies are trite
I try so fucking hard
But nothing ever comes out right

There’s nothing in this life that I want to do more
Than to create something that you will love me for

Not everyone can be an inspiration to the ones they love
The universe usually doesn’t give us what we want
We have to learn to live with the mind, body, and soul
That we've got.

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